Tiny homes are becoming a booming trend in the United States, and around the world. People in Paris might even say they started the trend, and those in New York City might tell you it’s old news to them. But it doesn’t counteract the fact that all across the world people of all ages are catching on to the idea of downsizing to a tiny, and in most cases, portable home.

Most who choose a tiny home are millennials. They want an affordable home that they can travel across the country with. They want a space that has little upkeep and doesn’t cost them a fortune, especially since the majority of us have massive amounts of student loan debt. We are also in the time of different trends in the workforce. There are more and more bloggers and other remote jobs that allow flexibility and freedom in location. This is the generation of wanting more out of life than just work, home, and kids. We want it all! And I’m saying that in the best way possible. We don’t want to sit in an office our whole lives feeling like we can’t leave because we have too many bills to pay. We want to enjoy our lives. We want to be outdoors, explore the world, socialize with our friends, and shift to a more free lifestyle.

The word “tiny” has never been associated with luxury. Bigger homes, bigger cars, bigger… everything- that’s luxury? To continue with the wishes of our generation, because remember, we want it all- we are going to show that you can still achieve luxury. Even in the tiniest of spaces.

Take this tiny home for example:



How about this one:

Or this beauty:



tiny homes luxury

There are so many more incredibly luxurious tiny homes for you to choose from. It’s developed into a new culture. A solution for students, travelers, minimalists, and is even being used as a solution to homelessness. It’s a trend we hope stays.