Your home is always meant to be the place where you go to relax. The place you feel safe and comfortable. When you create spaces in and out of your home that are more inviting, and well put together, you are making more opportunities for you to be in that relaxed state. So what do you do? Add a pergola.

Often the least utilized space on your property is your yard. When your yard has nothing in it but grass, you’re less likely to use it as a space for you and your family. But, that’s the whole point of a backyard isn’t it. Adding a pergola to your back yard you are making more of your outdoor space.  Since there are hundreds of different styles and materials you can use to create a pergola, there are endless creative opportunities.

Traditionally pergolas are built with teak or redwood, as these woods can withstand harsh weather and last an exceptional amount of time. When you add in their natural beauty it is plain to see why those two materials are the most popularly chosen. They are usually built with support beams and strong lattice work. But pergolas can be built from recycled materials, woven plants and sticks, or can even be grown from things like bamboo and trained into a dome formation. Whether your style be rustic, minimal, intricate, or simply functional there is a design for you. Here are a few examples of the different types and styles of pergolas you can create:


Attached Pergola

An attached pergola creates a transition space between indoors and outdoors, and is attached to your home or another building like the ones below. Both take on very different styles and woodwork, but both create that relaxing transition that your family can enjoy.



Cherry Hill Pergola

A grid roof is attached by joining timbers in a cross-notched fashion. This design has curved braces that really compliment the style, and the base boards at the bottom are a personal touch to this more traditional style of pergola.


Back Yard Pavilion

While the design below may not be to the exact specifications of a back yard pavilion, it can certainly fall under the same classification. Backyard pavilions are characterized by the curved and enclosed roof that allows for year-round use for your family.


Tunnel Pergola

Pergola tunnels are typically made out of live materials like plants that are trained to form a canopy. But they can also be made from wood and other materials and then most often covered with plants, fruits and vegetables, or incredible draping flowers like the ones below.


Arched Pergola

A basic arched pergola displays a lattice panel roof and is arched to maximize shade. This room can also be enclosed to be used year round. The one below displays a more modern design that we chose to show how limitless your options really are when it comes to designing a space to enjoy in your backyard.



There are hundreds more styles, designs, and unique touches- which really speaks to your ability to bring out your own personality and touches to your space. This in itself gives you the opportunity to build something that is an extension of yourself and your home, for you to enjoy and find that relaxation time and space you’ve been searching for.