A beautiful pergola can really transform your yard. It creates a focal point, a place to gather, a place for friends and family. If you’re looking for ideas for your next home improvement project, then think about a pergola. We’ve compiled 36 different pergola ideas and styles to give you some inspiration. Happy browsing:

Rustic Pergolas Ideas

a rustic pergola attached to a stone building

This rustic pergola looks like it belongs in a chateau in France.

a rustic pergola near a large house

The stone exterior and unfinished logs look great together.

a dome shaped rustic pergola

Talk about integrated with your surroundings!

a circular rustic pergola with timbers and beams

The design on the supports give this rustic pergola an elegant touch.

a very rustic pergola made from uncut logs

Enchanted garden.

Two Post Pergolas Ideas

Swings are the thing with 2 post pergolas.

a 2 post pergola with a swing

a 2 post pergola with a swing attached

a 2 post pergola with a hammock attached

a 2 post pergola attached to the front of a garage door

Pretty Pergolas With Plants

The only problem with putting plants on your pergola is waiting for them to grow in!

a pergola covered with green leaves a pergola covered with vines a pergola with many purple flowers a cedar pergola with purple and orange flowers

Cool Pergolas Ideas With Lights

A well-lit pergola will make your house the garden party center of the neighborhood.

a lot of shiny pergola lights maybe for a wedding


Outdoor Pergola with pergola lights pergola lights in jars pergola with lights and a fireplace patio seating with pergola lights classy pergola lights in the backyard

Modern Pergola Ideas

These modern designs look great with the Mountain Modern trend in Colorado right now. Check out Mountain Living.

a modern pergola with top shades on sliders a modern square minimalist pergola made from wood

a modern pergola made from metal

Japanese Pergola Ideas

Get your bonsai and rock gardens in shape!

a japanese pergola with curved beams a dark red japanese pergola a japanese pergola in a garden with a fountain a japanese pergola with water dragon designs

Circular Pergola Ideas

Circular pergolas are a nice design twist. They can give your an inviting, communal feel.

a circular pergola with a fire pit in the center a modern circular pergola a circular pergola in a large barren expanse a circular pergola with lights and a fireplace a circular pergola near a swimming pool

Corner Pergola Ideas

Why have 4 sides when you can have 3?!

a corner pergola on a deck a corner pergola near a house a corner pergola next to a fence in a backyard a grey corner pergola in a field corner-pergola-5


We hope that you found something that you liked! If you did, and you want to talk it over to see if it’s a possibility in your yard, then give us a call to hash it out and come up with a rough estimate.

How To: Building a Pergola