When it comes to installing a fence, most homeowners want to know their out-the-door cost. However, the way in which buying and building a fence works there isn’t a set price or a universal amount for fence installation cost.

There are actually a few different factors and variables that can vary the cost of your fence installation. To help you get a better idea of how much your fence installation cost might be, here are 4 different things to keep in mind:


Fence Design

One factor that will ultimately affect your fence installation cost is your design.

Here at Cedar Fence Direct we supply all the necessary materials for privacy fences, split rail fences and even ranch rail fences. The thing to keep in mind is that while all the materials are completely affordable, they are set a different price points.

Ranch Rail Fence Example RMFP Blog

Plus, if you’re leaning towards a split rail fence you’ll have the option between 2 and 3 rail systems. Naturally, since a 3 rail system requires more material, this will also have an effect on your fence installation cost.


Material Grade

Another factor that can be a variable for your overall cost is the material grade you choose.

For instance, when it comes to picket fences there are multiple different grades: rustic, quality and premium. Rustic grade pickets are ideal solutions that are durable and while they have a few knots in them, they won’t break the bank.


On the other end of the spectrum, Premium grades have absolutely no knots – and the cost will be reflected.


Overall Length

The length of your fence will also play a role in determining your fence installation cost.

P and D Fence Example RMFP Blog

Pricing for fence materials is done by the linear foot. Therefore, the more linear feet you have of material, the more the project will cost. Plus, if you’re hiring a contractor to install your fence, a longer fence to install will equate to more time spent on labor, effectively raising your cost on labor, too.

Remember, DIY approaches will always reduce the cost of any project but we can also refer you to different contractors who can better suit your budget.


Tear Out and Other Features

The final factor we’ll talk about today that will have an effect on your fence installation cost, is the tear out of an old fence and removal of any features obstructing your layout.

Things like shrubbery, trees and other things of that nature will need to be removed which will cost money. The price of tear out can depend and is generally determined by the contractor, so be sure to ask them what their rate is.