6 Ways to Spice Up a Privacy Fence

With privacy fences still being the most popular style of fence among homeowners, largely in part due to its incredible functionality, some people have always wondered how they can go about making the simple fence design look more intricate and exotic or even provide more functionality. Head to our Privacy Fence page for more information on this particular style of fence.

Just because privacy fences focus on enclosing an area and adding protection, doesn’t mean you need to leave them as they are installed. There are plenty of easy and simple additions that can really spice up your project and truly give your fence life and character. There’s really no limitation to what kind of additions you can make, so now it’s time to break out the drawing board and start brainstorming ideas!

1. Lattice Fence Add-on

Lattice fences aren’t just simple to make and install, they are loved by homeowners for their added visual appeal. Lattice additions will also add some functionality, for example by attaching hooks to your lattice you can hang flower pots for landscaping and exterior design purposes. You can even set up your plants to run through and intertwine within the lattice brining a whole new look to your project. By utilizing a lattice atop your already existing privacy fence, you can achieve a fresh, modern look without having to spend an excess of money.


2. Custom Projects

RMFP Custom Privacy Fence

Take a look at one of our customer’s projects. It’s anything but standard or typical! The custom cut dog eared pickets were cut individually and the excess wood from the project was used to create the décor of ships and fishes.

While this project clearly took a lot of time and effort, the finished project was incredible. Your custom projects don’t have to be this intricate, but keep in mind how much of a stand-out and unique finished project it is! Ask your installer if custom cutting is available, it’s more of a rarity but if you really want to add some curb appeal a custom fence can be an option with careful planning and preparation.


3. Plants of Peace

“Having plants, going for a walk in the park, or even looking at a landscape poster could produce psychological benefits, reduce stress, and improve concentration” – Jonathan S. Kaplan Ph. D.

With that quote in mind, if you are trying to design your project to be more of a sanctuary and an escape into tranquility and peace, add some vegetation! With society running at such high speeds, we all need to take moments out of our day to take a deep breath and smell the roses.


4. Cultural Profiles

Koi Pond RMFP Blog

Take a trip across the world to Japan and incorporate Japanese maple trees, a koi pond or even some lanterns for lighting! Check out some other cultural styles of landscaping and exterior design for some more ideas, but these types of additions will bring a good change in pace to your home.

5. Adding a Pergola

As seen in the featured image, using a pergola within the fence’s design will completely change the look of your fence project. At the same time, it will give your project a sense of character and an increase in visual appeal. Take a look at this recent blog about building a pergola if you’re interested in incorporating one into your home!

6. Adding a Gate

Similar to pergolas, by adding one into the design of your fence you’ll be able to gain functionality, style and visual appeal! Depending on where your fence is located, this option may or may not be as feasible or practical. Generally speaking, gates are utilized in the front yard, but depending on the layout of your property you might be able to successful add one to your back yard.


All in all, there are countless opportunities to spice up a simple designed fence and add some curb appeal to your home. While this was just a brainstorming session, you probably thought of some ideas that I didn’t even mentioned! Add those ideas to the comment section!

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