Are you struggling with trying to decide on which type of wood to use for your deck? There are three types to choose from, all having their own pros and cons inherent with their style. However, this choice can be largely related to personal preference, rather than the wood’s overall functionality. This decision can be tough, but like most homeowners you’re probably looking for the best, cost-effective product. While Cedar and Redwood are known to be long-lasting, you’ll still need to pay for regular maintenance and upkeep. This is why hardwood decking is the optimal choice. Here are 3 more reasons why Deck Exchange recommends you go with hardwood decking:

  1. Less Maintenance. Looking to enjoy your deck without the hassle of having to fix on a yearly basis? Then hardwood decking is the best choice. Like the majority of our wood products, our exotics naturally resist rot and insects. However, due to their natural and unique densities, our exotics are able to withstand scratches and weather elements much more effectively than softwoods or man-made materials. While softwoods require cleanings and upkeep almost annually, hardwood decking can go for much longer without doing so. Hardwoods are a true money saver!
  1. Lifestyle. Regardless of your lifestyle, hardwood decking will be a perfect fit for all. Out of all our decking material options, exotic hardwoods will achieve the smoothest, most elegant finished look. Their rich colors give way to an elegant stylishness that is unmatched by softwoods and man-made materials. The density of hardwoods also makes them more resistant to scratches, meaning that you won’t have to worry about your pet’s claws ruining the wood.
  1. Longevity/reliability. When you buy our exotic hardwoods, you’re not just buying deck materials, but a lifetime investment. Hardwoods will last up to 4-5 times as long as softwoods and even composites. With that in mind, you’d be spending money four or five more times just to keep your deck alive. So ditch the hassle of having to come back at a later date and go with hardwoods. Remember, a longer lasting deck means you will keep more money in your pockets!

While these factors just give minor insight to the benefits of hardwood decking, coming down to our yards to view materials first-hand is something that we will always suggest to customers. Seeing the products in person can make a huge difference. So, take your time and consider all of the available options, and always feel free to consult with one of our decking specialists for extra assistance!