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For those of us with extra bedrooms or unutilized spaces, you may want to get more use out of your rooms. Whether you’re in need of a more functional space or an oasis to enjoy, a spare room has the potential to be anything you need it to. Guest rooms are great for when company comes over, but often go unused for the majority of the year. Creating a space that works well with your everyday life and can accommodate others when you need it, is the best way to take advantage of every square inch of your home on a daily basis. 


In the past year, more people than ever have started working from home. Having a home office to separate personal life from corporate life will help with the struggles that many face to get their work done while at home. Utilizing a spare room for an office can also easily be transformed into a guest room or other space as needed. All an office really requires is a desk and a chair, so making use of an existing space to help with your work may be extremely beneficial in the long run. 

Laundry Room

If you’ve ever dreamed of a big and beautiful laundry room, a spare room may be your chance at achieving it. The room will need access to water and electrical systems, but otherwise is fairly simple to attain and a great way to add some function and upkeep to your routine. Installing a countertop, sink, or even storage areas are all great ideas for maintaining flow in your clothing cleaning habits. 


For those with kids, creating a playroom for them to entertain themselves in is a great way to keep your house clean and the kids occupied for hours. Allocating a space for toys and crafts will help alleviate mess throughout the rest of the house. And once they’ve grown up, playrooms can easily be converted into whatever else you need the space for.

Bunk Room

Bunk rooms are a necessity for anyone who loves to entertain. For families who like to get together often or have kids who enjoy sleepovers, bunk rooms are the perfect space for them to gather and sleep. Depending on the size of the room, bunk rooms can usually sleep up to eight people, making much better use of a space compared to a normal guest bedroom. 


For all the bartenders and entertainers out there, having your own bar is a dream come true. With a little labor, a spare room can be converted to a bar and awesome space for drinking with your friends or making new concoctions in your spare time. For people with small or funky shaped spaces that are hard to utilize, bars are an easy solution for spaces of any kind.

Craft or Art Studio

Have a hobby or love to make art? An art studio is a common and great way to make use of a spare bedroom. Like many other ideas listed, a craft room is usually effortless to put together and can easily be changed later on in place of something else. Having a space to get away from everyday life and create something meaningful is good for the soul.

Entertainment Space

A home theater is the best way to enjoy your favorite movies or sports teams. Install a large TV and a comfy place to relax, and you’re good to go. If you have a larger space, you can even put in some games like a pool table or shuffle board. An entertainment room is a great gathering place for family and friends, and will certainly be a favorite for years to come.

Home Gym

Taking care of your body is more important now than ever. With many of us still quarantined in our homes, home gyms have been on the rise. Spare rooms can easily be converted to areas with all of your favorite workout equipment and weights. You could even install some mirrors or purchase a rubber floor mat to make the space more functional.


For all the bookworms out there, I’m sure you’ve run out of space for all of your books at one time or another. Making use of a spare room for a library is a perfect idea for those in need of some peace while reading or additional storage for their books. Libraries are often coupled with offices in extra spaces. Having an area to escape to and read or get work done is always a good idea.


Lastly, if your spare room has windows or gets a decent amount of natural light, you may want to consider creating an indoor garden. Although a bit unconventional, many plants actually thrive in indoor climates if cared for properly. You can grow herbs and food to use cooking, or flowers to be replanted outside. A garden is a fun way to get the family involved and makes great functional use out of your spare spaces.