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5 Ways we’re Different from Home Depot Fencing


Home Depot Fence

Who doesn’t like to save money?

We all do!

When it comes to purchasing your next set of fence materials, you can actually save 25% by choosing to shop at a local supplier rather than a big box store.

Not all local suppliers can give you those savings, but Rocky Mountain Forest Products sure can! As a locally-owned, “Mom and Pop” shop since 1974 we’ve created a business that differs from the big box stores and can give you much better options than say, Home Depot fencing.

But how exactly are we different? Here are 5 reasons:


1. True Whole Sale

One of the most important differences, is that Rocky Mountain Forest Products operates as a wholesaler of fence materials. Being a wholesale supplier means you’ll have access to the best pricing for the best value – hands down.

Plus, working with lumber mills for nearly 42 years has given us the opportunity to buy better materials at a lower cost. Ultimately, this will be reflected on your overall costs as your materials will be at a much lower cost without sacrificing quality.

Home Depot fencing, while competitive in pricing, may not contain the same level of quality. So take that into consideration when purchasing your fence supplies.


2. Mill Direct

Not only do our relationships with mills around the world allow us to buy our products at a lower price point, but it also gives us a wider selection of materials to sell.

How does that relate to home depot fencing?

We’ll carry products big box stores can’t!

We have the largest selection of not only fencing, but decking as well. You’ll have the widest and most diverse selection of products – right at your finger-tips.

3. Specialists

We’ve all been there.

Going into a big box store, trying to get help but can’t seem to find it.

You’ll ask one employee for help, who will walk you around the store, asking other employees if they know how to fix your problem. You’re essentially on a wild goose chase, just to get help for your project.

Never deal with this road block again.

At Rocky Mountain Forest Products you’ll get knowledge you can trust from experienced veterans in the industry. Our specialists carry a wealth of knowledge and experience, so struggling to get accommodations on your project is a thing of the past!

4. Help, whenever you need it.

Come in whenever to get help and you WILL be helped!

We even offer free consultations, so if you’d like to bring in your project’s blue prints or ideas our highly trained specialists will have no issue sitting down and answering your questions.

Maybe you already know your design but you aren’t sure of how many pickets or posts you’ll need? We can give you estimates as well as product recommendations, for free!

5. Invested in your project!

As our motto states, “We’re not just building projects, but relationships, as well.” We’re invested in your project, so we’ll be more than happy to accommodate all of your needs throughout your project – from start to finish.